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6 Best Free IR Universal Remote Control Apps for Android

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Best IR Remote control apps for Android

Best IR Remote control apps for Android

We are providing clear information about the best android apps, there are millions of apps available in Google Playstore but users randomly choose apps but we will continuously search, analyze and provide quality information about apps.

Here, we will update you with new information on IR remote apps for Android, we had searched and compared with each one and came with few best IR universal remote apps. By having an IR universal app, you can control everything from controlling your TV to a projector.

You do not expect advantages from apps, and your android phone’s IR transmitter perform the best job for you. It is true that all IR remote apps may give you a good advantage, you may save you time by following our research-based information and get the best app for your requirement.

1.Twinone Universal TV Remote :

Twinone Universal TV Remote is free for android mobiles, it is easy to operate device which permits users to control their TV, cable boxes, and substantially more utilizing your smart phone’s worked in IR transmitter.

The app having many advantages as it supports various TV manufacturers including LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba, Visio, Panasonic, and many more.

That implies, regardless of which TV you are using, chances are that this app will empower you to control it.

Users would love the fact, this remote app has an investigating mode which you can use to screen any availability mistakes that you got while working the app on your TV.

Ultimately, the app is totally allowed to use with ads which are not all that nosy. I truly like this app and you should look at it.

What to do if the application doesn’t work

Some manufacturers have a few mistakes, if you don’t mind switch “Fix Buttons” in the Settings of the app (If it’s enabled, incapacitate it, if it’s debilitated, enable it). Flipping “Fix Buttons” should make it work. Possibly change this setting if NOTHING works for you

Twinone Universal TV Remote is free for android mobiles

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2. Roku App

The Roku app is an excellent universal remote app for users. It is available free for androids and iOS.You can download this app from Google Play Store or the App Store. The mobile app will become a great companion on Roku TV or Roku streaming players.

To use the Roku mobile app, you should associate your smartphone or tablet to a similar remote system as your Roku device. Then we have to sign in to Roku app,it will display all features for use app in broadway.

You can browse and select carefully with a particular purpose, whether it is a movie or TV shows using what’s on. It also has a great feature like voice command, by using your voice or mobile keyboard to search for movies, TV shows, actors and directions.

The remote control application gives you a chance to control practically anything on Roku. The remote accompanies fast forward, rewind, play, play, navigation and voice search buttons. You will get many features but it doesn’t have the volume buttons so you would depend on actual remotes.

The Roku app is an excellent universal remote app for users.
  • Product features :
  • Use your phone or tablet as a remote control for your Roku device.
  • Browse a hand-picked selection of great movies and TV shows using What’s on using your voice or mobile keyboard to search for movies, TV shows, actors and directors.
  • Launch your favorite channels directly from your mobile device
  • Add channels and games from the Roku Channel Store
  • Listen to audio from streaming movies or shows through your headphones with Private listening.
  • Cast videos, photos, and music to your TV using Play on Roku
  • Use your mobile keyboard to enter text on your Roku device
  • Follow your favorite movies, shows and actors/directors using My Feed.

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3. Mi Remote Controller

Control your electric apparatus with your Smartphone using Mi Remote. At any time, if you can’t find your remote, Mi Remote will be there to help. We additionally have all the information about your preferred TV shows, so you can switch the channel quicker, or even watch the show on your smartphone. Mi Remote carries staring at the TV to another level!

Supported apparatuses: TV, Air conditioner, set-top box, DVD player, projector, A/V recipient, camera, and so forth.

Supported Brands: Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Videocon, Micromax, Onida, and so forth.

Most phones with IR blasters bolster Mi Remote and its Features.

All Mobile Devices can be used to control Mi TV/Mi Box and other brilliant TVs with standard conventions over Wi-Fi.

Every single smartphone bolster Mi Remote’s mix with TV planning.

Supported phones: Samsung S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge/Note 3/Note 4, HTC One Series, Mi 4/Mi 4c/Mi 5/Mi 5S Plus/Mi 5C/Mi 5X/Mi 6, Redmi 4/Redmi 4A/Redmi 4X, Redmi Note 2/Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note4/Redmi Note4X/Redmi Note5A, Huawei Honor 3/6/6 plus.

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Control your electric apparatus with your Smartphone using Mi Remote

4. ZaZa TV Remote

The following app which can enable you to control your TV using your smartphone’s IR blaster is the ZaZa TV Remote app. Much the same as the Mi Remote Controller, the ZaZa TV Remote can not exclusively be using to control TVs yet additionally different apparatuses including air conditioner, set-top boxes, projector, DVD player, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.All-inclusive TV Remote-ZaZa Remote can be utilized on an inherent infrared mobile phone, for example, Samsung, Xiaomi, HUAWEI, OPPO, Lenovo, HTC, TCL.

Characteristic function:

  1. search remote control by model: use electrical brand + model and search, discover remote control rapidly.
  2. database contains more than 300,000+ machine remote controller, covering the worldwide 8000+ apparatus brand, supporting remote control air conditioning, TV,
    set-top box, projector, DVD, control speaker, fan, SLR, switch/light and many Household unit appliances. The software worked in 8W+ remote controller code library and can control without the network.
  3. DIY remote control: Remote control(Universal) underpins DIY remote control work, utilizing Remote control(Universal) extra, you can get familiar with the original remote control signals to the smartphone. DIY impeccable remote codes with the goal that individuals will pay for it.
  4. Application rights: the app will demand the user consent during using the app, and the main authorization things are described below. Get your location: with the goal that we can allot the right local infrared database for you. Access to SD card: used to store remote controllers to a smartphone. Peruse IMEI: confirm the IMEI address, with the goal that one user can just trade each product for one time. Recording: used for voice remote control appliances. Photograph: scan QR code to add intelligence products. The app bolsters more than 800 various apparatus brands so regardless of which TV you possess, there is a high likelihood that it will be supported. With regards to smartphone similarity, the appl works with any smartphone that has an infra-red sensor.
The following app which can enable you to control your TV using your smartphone’s IR blaster is the ZaZa TV Remote app.

5. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote :

Smart IR Remote is the only IR remote universal app for Android that you’ll essentially need. It’s smart, it provides many advantages by coverage of all android remotes(900000 devices, with more added daily), and it’s exclusively one that makes use of features only your phone/tablet has, that a plastic remote never will. As IR remote controls go, especially android remote controls, you will never find one better

Smart Remote works with any Samsung, HTC and Medion gadgets with an InfraRed Blaster, and most other brands mobile phone/tablet with an IR Blaster that runs android 4.4 or above given by the manufacturer. Smart IR Remote additionally takes a shot at most custom ROMs like CyanogenMod.

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Smart IR Remote is a universal smart remote control that can reenact whatever sends InfraRed remote directions, similar to a TV remote, Set Top Box remote, DVD remote, BluRay remote, VCR remote, Amplifier remote, Air Conditioner remote, AV Receiver remote, DSLR camera remote, and so forth.

You can control your Smart TVs, normal TVs, air conditioner, streaming devices and anything that has an IR sensor. Goodness, and did we say this additionally works with your home WiFi system to associate with your cutting edge smart devices. It also gives you a chance to robotize a flood of capacities.

The app is accessible in a free form yet it has constrained features and you should purchase the full version to control all features.

Smart IR Remote is the only IR remote universal app for Android

6. SURE Universal Remote for TV

SURE Universal app is the world-driving and award-winning Universal Remote Control App for home entertainment and smart home. SURE can send music, videos, and photos to a Smart TV and other smart media devices.

The app bolsters more than 1 million gadgets, which is an incredible consideration, some paid apps give lesser device support than this.
You have the option to use it with WiFi-control enabled smart devices with a WiFi-to-IR converte.

Legacy devices are supported using Infra-Red (IR) using a phone with an implicit IR Blaster or a WiFi-to-IR converter (sold independently). You can control your smart home device with the intensity of your voice using SURE voice control. SURE Universal is genuinely an across the board home IoT arrangement – the spirit of IoT.

SURE Universal is anything but difficult to use! Close to downloading, you can control your smart TV, media streamer, smart lights, air conditioner system and more.

Use voice directions inside the app! No requirement for a mix with outer voice aides.

Stream sound, video and photos from your phone directly to your smart devices with the inherent media player using WiFi and DLNA. Your most loved photos and recordings look great on your phone, however, they will look marvelous on a huge, high-resolution on a TV screen.

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It additionally gives you a chance to have a custom board with custom buttons, customized according to your needs. Generally speaking, this is a commendable IR Blaster app to consider on the off chance that you are searching for a free TV remote app.

SURE Universal app is the world-driving and award-winning Universal Remote Control App

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