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Top 7 Android Apps that aren’t available on Google Play Store 2019.

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7 Useful Android Apps that aren't available On Google Play Store 2019

7 Useful Android Apps that aren't available On Google Play Store 2019

Top 7 Android Apps that aren’t available on Google Play Store 2019. We all realize that most popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and considerably top downloaded apps in the Google Play Store. However, this doesn’t imply that they are the best apps for users. There are a huge number of apps that are not accessible in the Google Play store. Evidently, there are more than 1 million apps on the Google Play store. Some of them are great, but users may not aware of their importance. To find out the hidden gems, conduct deep research and analysis, we caught some extraordinary useful apps. Those apps might be useful in various needs.

7 Useful Android Apps That Aren’t Available On Google Play Store 2019.

Some apps havings great advantages than existing apps, but having certain nature and by crossing google policies it won’t allow apps into an official app store. For that reason, we don’t know many apps even though they having great features.

Users should remember a few things while they downloading the apps, these apps are easy to install, as well as we knew where we can find them. Even we don’t get information about apps whenever updated, so it’s better to check back with download location that would help you to check the latest version whenever it required.

Best and Useful Android Apps that are not available on Google Play

1.OG YouTube:

OGYouTube is one of YouTube client that gives you a chance to download any video from YouTube directly. However, OGYouTube works precisely like the official YouTube customer. However, OGYou Tube works similar to the official Youtube client. OG YouTube includes most of the fabulous functions which will be useful on official YouTube.

  • Audio Only” Downloading: When a user wants to download video with audio, this app would help them. Users can download a video in mp3 format by using Og YouTube, no need to search for the third party mp3 converter to download “audio-only” from Youtube.
  • Multiple Video Downloading: Users can download various videos from YouTube in the same time, another advantage for users they don’t wait for more time for downloading video one after other, because it has the great option to download multiple videos at the same time.
  • Background Playing: One of the best features of Og YouTube, you can play videos out of sight as well so no compelling reason to remain on the app until the video completes, you can run videos in the background that you need to run some other app simultaneously.

2. Video Mix

This is the best app that will give you a chance to stream videos, TV shows, and parts more for nothing of expense. This app additionally includes an index of depictions of video content with connections to third-party online assets. There is no app like VideoMix with boundless movies and TV show episodes to look for nothing on the web.

The app gives you a chance to look just as download your preferred movies to your device so you can enjoy them later. Additionally, there will be no compelling reason to sign up in this app, simply open the app search out your preferred media and start streaming.

  • Unlimited movies and TV shows in the immense extensive library, accessible for free.
  • Videos from a similar site gave under one header, to make sorting simple.
  • The attractive interface that is easy to use.
  • Big icons get through the content easily.
  • IMDb evaluations, Bookmarking, download, and torrent links accessible from the same simple option bar.
  • Little in size, simple to download from the web.

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3. Netease:

NetEase Cloud Music is an application to stream music and downloads music to your devices’ memory. NetEase Cloud Music is something like a free Chinese Spotify that gives boundless access to practically any song. NetEase Cloud Music is a magnificent appl for music fans.

It has more and preferred features over most of the apps in this classification. A significant app for any individual who needs to listen to music without paying for it. No ads or subscriptions. You can download audio and see verses inside the app.

4. AdSkip:

Adskip is a free ad blocker that enables you to block irritating ads and domains known to spread malware. Adskip uses channels that you block every undesirable component, for example, video ads, pop-up ads, web ads, and numerous other Internet promotions.

What’s more, what it does as opposed to deleting the app (which blocks the ads income for individuals like us). It just mutes the video ads. Thus, the ads play simply like that and you just won’t hear anything.

5. WhatsApp Plus:

Most of the people reached information about “WhatsApp Plus” is not working anymore, but try to install it and get to see what kind of features it having, it has functions like the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus is available with new and extraordinary features of hiding last seen and other similar tricks which will you make love it. It also enables to change the theme of WhatsApp and give it to your friends easily by sharing theme.

  • Hide last seen, Blue ticks and second ticks.
  • Continuously Online mode, Option to off voice calling.
  • You can change the launcher symbol of WhatsApp.
  • Save, Load and share your subjects with your companions.
  • Design pictures pixels and size of the pictures.
  • You can share quality Images.

Notice: WhatsApp has suspended accounts of some WhatsApp Plus users. Using a third-party app is against their T&C. So use WhatsApp Plus at your own risk.

6. WiFi Kill

WifiKill APK is fundamentally a wifi network controller app. It can disable the Internet connection of different gadgets associated with a similar wifi network. It is a helpful tool for wifi web Users, using which you can cut other individuals off from the same wifi network.

  • You can see the list of devices in the wifi network that you are using.
  • WifiKill can demonstrate the data transfer rate (download, transfer) of got devices.
  • You can screen the network movement of any device using wifi.
  • Names of the device connected with the system are shown.
  • In particular, you can remove the net connection of any device which is associated with a similar wifi network as yours.


TubeMate is a YouTube downloader app which isn’t permitted on the Play Store because of Google restrictions.

  • You can download YouTube videos in different formats and measurements.
  • It will supports downloading video from sites, for example, Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, and so forth.
  • You can also download them as an audio file.
  • You are advised to download the APK from checked sites, as there is a lot of fakes, tainted TubeMate APKs on the Internet.

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