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8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019, Get As Soon As Possible.

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8 best gallery apps for Androi

8 best gallery apps for android 2019

Technology helps to speed up the learning process, people may feel comfortable with features and functions with smartphones. But sometimes they won’t get good results from existing features. Here, smartphone cameras couldn’t fulfill all kinds of requirements, even though the smartphone is the first option for people to capture precious moments in life, often users can capture images and videos for edit, sharing, add more effects and save the files. But it may not beat the professional apps which are having high professional features and functionalities than smartphone cameras. You may miss a little quality or effects if you really expect candid snaps, selfies, shared images, and video from quality camera apps available for that purpose.

Users may get disappointment when the app loads photos slowly or if it doesn’t have a user-friendly interface, it would irritate you to browse through thousands of your media. But avoiding risk, default gallery apps on Android often fail to provide a fast and responsive experience. For avoiding those problems, we are providing information about a few apps that will help you to enhance your experience.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019.

1.A+ Gallery

A+ is one of the most popular photo gallery apps installed by 9 million people. Users simply fall in love with the design of the app and are impressed by the iPhone Gallery. It provides many features to customize the gallery with different types of themes available. The Images and the videos taken are adjusted according to the date and place.

The app has a secret mystery feature to conceal private photos which can be which can save with a password. If a user wants to share photos on other social media platforms like Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive through the app itself. Users can choose to go for a free version or paid version as their wish.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019

2.Focus – Picture Gallery

Focus is the app that comprises pretty much every important feature that a gallery app should contain. It has a large portion of the critical functionalities, for example, support for any sort of media files like photo, video, and GIFs, live papers, securing private photos with passwords, capacity to tag photographs and furthermore to change the feature logo is accessible in the free version itself. While the full version of the app is accessible in the pro version which can be obtained inside the app.
By having excellent functionalities, the main feature of the app is its own speed, efficiency, and ease of usage.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019

3.Quick Pic

With around 10 million downloads, Quick pic is considered as the perfect gallery app for Android users as a result of the wide assortment of features it must offer to its users. It is a lightweight, upgraded app which gives a quicker user experience. It likewise encourages users with the usefulness of hiding private photographs with a password. It additionally has an inbuilt editor for trimming, editing pictures.

Without much effort, users can easily manage the pictures and videos in the app by sorting, creating, renaming folders along with moving the data from folder to folder. However, if you are bothered about losing the data, the app has get you covered by providing a data backup reinforcement called CM Cloud which accepts you save the pictures on the Amazon S3 servers.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019


Piktures has the most natural User Interface which makes the users effectively comprehend and manage the app i.e, make and sort the folders. It also enables users to see the images as indicated by dates and location base. Also one more advantage for users, with the help of Chromecast, user can view his/her pictures and videos on the television.

Other than a natural interface, Piktures additionally gives functionalities, for example, concealing individual photographs in the protected drive using a Secure PIN. The features additionally have an in-built video player, GIF player, image editor, capacity to see EXIF data, slideshows, etc.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019

5.Foto Gallery

The app is stuffed with all the effective features. Foto Gallery is a lightweight app that loads the photos quickly. It’s an ad-free app with features including tagging photographs, sorting out pictures dependent on schedule and name, trash folder to recuperate accidentally deleted pictures, password protection for private pictures, a quick editor, and support for various files.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2019 Foto Gallery

6. Camera Roll – Gallery

This Android picture gallery is fundamentally intended for speed and performance. No need to have special skills to operate cause of having simple Interface. It doesn’t have extraordinary features but included with all the essential functions. New users can easily get through the files, get them through a search by name/size/date. You can also add different themes and has the advantage to customize the style of the main page.

Users may surprise with virtual albums, hide folders, and it also has a built-in file explorer. You can edit the Exif data of your images with the help of Google Photo alternatives. However, the users don’t get ads or in-app purchase, while browsing it. The app with lightweight and simple.

Camera Roll

7.F-Stop Gallery

Google Photos available with pre-installed on Android devices. It is an advanced Android App and an in-built data storage service that is developed by Google. Users can get unlimited space for photos and videos and they do get images are within 16 megapixels and videos are within 1080p. The app consequently analyzes the Images and recognizes them dependent on different visual effects and subjects.

The app provides backup services when you want to share a file. If the User wants to off backup option, it’s possible for them. In addition, it has an inbuilt proofreader, garbage envelope, visual search option, and comes coordinated with Google Assistant. The interface is efficient, by scrolling you can get any files. It is allowed to download from the Play Store with no in-app buys or ads.

F-Stop Gallery

8. MyRoll Gallery

MyRoll Gallery is another of the best photograph display application which is favored by a huge number of customers. The app has two sections i.e., images and videos. You may search files by name/date if the user wants to create an album or folder its easy process. Users can change the theme and file view option whenever they required.

It is available with an inbuilt app function and the option to access the camera. You can edit/copy/share and perform all kinds of functions without much effort. Also, the app interface is simply superb and easy to operate. It is free with no in-app purchases.

MyRoll Gallery

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