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Alert! Your Android smartphone hacked by playing videos from the Internet

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"Android Marshmallow - Nexus 5X" by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Your Android smartphone hacked by playing videos from the internet, it would be harmful for smartphone users to watch videos online and browsing the internet unlimitedly, but users should care for clicks on unknown videos and links. If they click on an unknown video it leads to hacking their phone.

Yes, it’s true, if you are an Android user, just avoid downloading videos or watching videos from unknown links online. Because hackers cleverly inserted a code in that video, if you click on the video then your phone would be hacked. The main reason a vulnerability made a huge number of android phones would allow hackers to proceed for action to execute malicious code on users’ smartphones, unknowingly giving access to control of users’ smartphones.

Your Android smartphone hacked by playing videos.

You may safeguard from hacking by following a few steps.

Play Protect:

Make sure the play protect option in the play store has been enabled. You don’t need any antivirus applications for your Mobile phone. Play Protect scans every application you install on your mobile. So it will notify you if the application is infected or not.

Avoid Unknown App:

Don’t install any application other than from the play store if you are using Android. Because any application can be injected with the malicious payload. The problem is that you don’t know whether you are infected or not when you use those apps.


Don’t open any unknown links you are receiving. There are a lot of possibilities that these links are injected with malicious Java scripts to grab your cookies and log your IP Address to someone.

People are crazy about spending a lot of time watching videos on social media, it has been added daily activity to their life. So it risks for users while they click on unknown links. People should carefully choose videos or sources, it would be the right solution for safeguarding their smartphones.

As per a report by hacker news, a basic remote code execution vulnerability influencing more than one billion smartphones running on a version of the Android operating system between Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 9.0 Pie could enable a hacker to execute arbitrary code on a gadget remotely. The weakness being referred to placed in the Android media structure and it can even enable malicious hackers to control your smartphone.

When users intentionally watching video received in an email which has not from known sources or playing a video from suspicious links are advantages for hackers to get access on your smartphone by inserting a vulnerability on the smartphone.

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Your Android smartphone hacked by playing videos

This is a great opportunity for users by having a pixel smartphone, it can safeguard you from hacks. Google fixed its vulnerabilities with other vulnerabilities in the year 2019. So users are safe from hacks if they have a pixel smartphone. This is on the grounds that the Android security fixes in the wake of being rollout out by Google are altered according to the particular platform by the individual gadget makers.

Google has released a patch to fix these vulnerabilities in the July update of its Android operating system

Be that as it may, there is a catch. The publication announced that attack won’t work if the malicious video is received by email by platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp or Messenger as these services typically compress and encode the media documents before sending. Google has released a patch to fix these vulnerabilities in the July update of its Android operating system.

However, the new security update for Android released in 2019, it made interesting new functionalities to pixel smartphones. So it can prevent from hacking your smartphone.

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