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Child stopping Police dad from going to work is making emotional

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This is heart melting situation between Father and son, In the video, it can be seen a child not accepting his dad to go out. It was a high emotional incident for viewers, the son had been stopping his Police father while he was going to duty, the child has tried to stop father for several times made people were getting emotions.

We could realize that it’s very difficult to manage police job due to erratic timings, we can also understand that police job didn’t have flexible timing in India, so it is the toughest job to manage professional life as well as personal life. “Due to long and erratic duty hours most of the police officers have to face this situation,” wrote inspector general Arun Bothra while sharing the video.

Child stopping Police dad from going to work is making emotional

The video posted on social media, within a less period of time it has got 85 thousand views and seven thousand likes, one of the viewer expressed his feelings towards police job? The cop only to do two Jobs in Society, being the protector of the citizen he works as a watchdog irrespective of timings, another part being a loving dad he should spend sufficient time with family. But it’s not happening Indian Police Department.

Loving Dad always attached with his children, but due to lack of flexibility timings in the Police Department, they don’t have sufficient time to play with children.

Most of the netizens left tears after watching the video, a heartbreaking video of an interaction between a crying child and his father, the video also viral on social media.

Inspector General Arun Bothra Buvaneshwar police officer had given captioned for the video, “This is the toughest part of the police job,” the 1.25-minute video features a crying child clutching onto the father’s leg trying to stop him from going to work. “Due to long and erratic duty hours, most of the police officers have to face this situation”.

One of the users has retweet for the video, a very innocent child…very emotional and unforgettable moment for both of them… I wish the little ones are not left alone at such times… they need parents to love and need to be taken care of.

My heart went out for the little kid. Every Policeman also has a duty towards his family too. Why can’t they be allowed fixed duty hours? tweeted by the user.

Most of the viewers responded towards video with complete emotional for adorable affection between father and son, so Indian Police department should take care of the incident.

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