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Delhi: Couple ‘kissing on bike’ video goes viral, cops call for action.

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Delhi: Couple ‘kissing on bike’ video goes viral this incident happened in Delhi, this couple crossed the traffic rules and easily escaped from traffic police.

The couple was caught kissing on a moving bike on a crowded area in west Delhi, their action made everyone was frightened for a while. The couple completely involved in kissing each other, they didn’t bother about the vehicles and they didn’t care about traffic rules.

The video of the couple was captured by a person traveling in a car behind them while they were dodging through the evening traffic near the Rajouri Garden Kriti Nagar crossing.

The video has been circulating on social media, many people are abusing for indulge act in public area.

The video clip showed the woman sitting cross-legged on the petrol tank of the motorbike hugging the rider, who was wearing a blue shirt with a bag strung around him. She then grabbed his neck and kissed him on the mouth. Both were without helmets and driving zigzag through fast-moving cars. The person shooting the video was heard saying how the couple had crossed all limits.

Police officers said an enquiry has been ordered to find the couple also time and date of the incident. “We also requesting the person who shot the video to approach us with details so that legal action can be taken.The bike was a black Bajaj Pulsar with a designer rear numbe ..

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