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Five Best Period Tracker Apps for 2019

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Period tracking apps can be useful for a female to more readily check what’s in store — and when to anticipate it. Utilizing period tracker app can assist them in identifying any adjustments in the menstrual cycle that may show potential reasons for worry. These apps could help users can turn out to be better mindful of their dangers and odds of pregnancy. However, we are providing five useful apps with clear information.

1.Clue App

Features: Ovulation calendar, cycle, and symptoms tracker, sex/flow/product log

Clue was named the top free time frame tracker app by the Obstetrics and Gynecology diary, a distribution of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which absolutely holds merit. The app utilizes a one of a kind algorithm to enable ladies to recognize designs in their menstrual cycles by means of information it pulls from its period log, state of mind log, wellbeing log, practice log and then some.

Obviously, you’ll likewise discover an ovulation schedule, user’s should get period alerts including health alerts related to their sexual and reproductive health. The app has a 4.8-star rating in the App Store, and users could get many advantages and very useful.

2. Eve Period Tracker

Features: Cycle and symptoms tracker, trends and patterns identifier, sex log, sex quizzes, articles

Eve is period tracker that intimate your upcoming periods and your risks or chances of pregnancy. It would also identify trends in your cycle by logging all your moods and symptoms and inform them to be prepared. The app can be relating to the Health App, as well, for tracking sleep, steps, weight, workouts, etc.

Eve got a 4.7-star rating in the App Store, and users are very happy with its performance, they are saying it as dependable and informative. Includes, many users intent to upgrade to a premium version of the app, which includes added perks like comparative insights, personal messaging, a custom profile.

Price: Free (With Upgrade: $7.99 per month, $47.99 per year, $59.99 for a lifetime).

Cycle and symptoms tracker, trends and patterns identifier,

3.Ovia Fertility Period Tracker(Free)

Ovia is one of the most dependable app for those attempting to get pregnant, as it utilizes your cycle data to give you a day by day “fruitfulness score.” Users can easily track nutrition information on top of tracking ovulation window information, all the information can appear into Exel for easy knowing. Even though you’re not trying to conceive, the app is still an informative period tracker.

You can simply utilize the adaptable period and health tracker if that is all you’re keen on utilizing. What’s more, you can customize your app with vivid subject alternatives to make it significantly more tastefully engaging.

It got a 4.8-star rating in the App Store, users calling it “the best out there.”

Ovia Fertility Period Tracker

4. Period Calendar

The Period Calendar can enable you to follow and foresee your period, just as get familiar with your fruitfulness window and potential ovulation date. The app can be used to record sex, cervical bodily fluid, weight, mood, etc. It’ll likewise remind you to take your conception prevention.

It has four primary components: period forecast, pregnancy chance expectation, indication tracking, and cycle history tracking. Furthermore, thus, it’s earned itself 4.9 stars in the App Store.

Period Calendar

5.Period Diary

The period journal is easy to utilize and as clear as possible with regards to period predictions. It offers in excess of 30 PMS symptoms and 20 states of mood from which to pick, so you can follow what you’re encountering continuously.

It additionally matches up with the schedule app so you can perceive what’s happening when — and it has password security so you can keep your protection.

Period Diary

This bloom filled, powder pink, completely animated app earned 4.6 stars in the App Store, and users have said that they use it for reasons past their sexual and conceptive reproductive health.

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