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Groom plays PUBZ at own wedding as clueless wife disappointed with the behavior

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A tragedy video circulating over the internet, A groom seriously playing PUBg game, while the clueless wife watching him helplessly.

According to the news source, a groom addiction to PUBG game so doesn’ t care his surroundings while many relatives and family members attended the marriage they were irritating with his behavior.

He have to spend quality time with the new wife instead of spending time with his bride, his shocking behavior made people highly disappointed.

Marriage is important in everyone life, two people united to live for a long time, they have to celebrate it. But the bride completely avoids the groom and deeply involved in playing the PUBZ game, most of the people asking is it right time to play the game? who will bear this kind attitude?

In the video, it can be seen he is extremely involved in playing PUBG game, he is not even looking over to see what is happening at his own wedding. Many people surrounded him that may not distract him from his attention, even loud music also couldn’t disturb him.

The video also shows a relative giving the groom a wedding gift but he threw away because it disturbs his phone view, it is an extreme level.

The bride was completely disappointed for his careless behavior, she is often observing his moments but she couldn’t express, the entire scene made she is helpless. Everyone could easily understand her inner feelings why it has happened to her?

Also, it is unclear if the whole thing is staged just to make a TikTok video or the groom is actually engrossed in his phone. This video circulating over social media, everyone abusing groom for irresponsible behavior.

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