Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube charged a huge fine for Showing Harmful Content

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Facebook, Instagram and Youtube charged huge fine for Showing Harmful Content

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms Facebook, Instagram and Youtube charged huge fine for Showing Harmful Content

The most popular social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are set to face big hurdles from the UK government, the big social media giants ready to pay a huge fine of millions of pounds for showing unlawful content which could spoil others reputation. So the UK government took decision said the UK government spokesperson.

According to the news source, Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom got full powers to restrict unwanted content from social media platforms also given special legal powers to police, investigate and charge fine social media platforms for sharing or live -streaming “harmful” videos, including violence, child abuse, and sex videos.

With the new powers, the broadcast watchdog of the UK would be able to issue fines of 250,000 pounds.

The UK government delegates the power to broadcast watchdog would be able to charge fines of 250,000 pounds (around $300,000) or an amount equals as five percent of the company’s revenue.

sites set up exacting age confirmation checks and parental controls to ensure small kids are not presented to video content that “debilitates their physical, mental or moral advancement”, the Telegraph detailed.

If Social giants fail to follow strict rules from “Ofcom”, their services would be suspended.

In any case, the tech giants neglect to follow enforcement measures, the Ofcom would have the authority to “suspend” or “confine” the tech giants ‘ services in the UK, The Sun reported on Monday, referring to the Telegraph.

Reports about this new crackdown are viewed as a broken measure and come in front of the UK government’s White Paper plans for a statutory obligation of consideration to battle online damages, the report said.

In the course of the most recent few years, a few instances of teenager suicides, probably empowered by provocative substance or trolling on long range informal communication stages have become visible.

Earlier, Facebook additionally got an overwhelming reaction after a video of the fear-based terrorist attack on the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand was live-streamed.

Some youngster misuse and assault specialists have said that live-streaming has turned into a magnet for pedophiles.

After observing many cases UK government realized that social media impact on people lives is huge, So broadcast watchdog “Ofcom” examine the contents and allow into their individual platforms. If they don’t follow the new policy, definitely their services will be stopped ” reported.

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