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Three Best Google Apps for Androids and iOS.

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Best Google Apps for android and iOS

Best Google Apps for android and iOS

Google having its own apps. Maybe even too many, in certain cases. But users couldn’t find which app might use for them.

It’s difficult to find great lists of the best google apps, we continuously conduct research to find the best apps which will use for users.

We provide information on the latest apps available on AppStore to bring you hidden gems, the best apps that don’t always get a lot of exposure enough to catch but deliver great utility, by having advanced features and innovative functionalities.

1) Snapseed :

The SNAPSEED app is just the perfect tool for photo editing. The app provides many advantages like having many features and quality editing. You may not a professional photographer but using this app you may edit the image what will you expect, it would give an extraordinary result on a photo editing, it’s completely like a professional picture editing software.

The SNAPSEED app is just the perfect tool for photo editing

We know photos play an important role in everyone’s life, those would resemble memories of life. So people love to keep photos with them life long. Who won’t love to keep their memories safe? It is a good experience for people to recollect their memories to rejuvenate energy and happiness.

It is extremely clear that we are well on the way to keep those recollections in the absolute best quality possible. But, sometimes you may be disappointed when you take a photo with loved people or scene because of photo does not appear exactly what you expected it would be, there are many possible reasons like lighting, weather, and coverage of angle.

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But Snapseed app helps you to turn out the picture as same as you might have expected. However, presently with the assistance of certain Photo Editing apps, you can add originality to a captured photo which is both convincing and soothing to your mind.

The app will allow you to do all that to change your photos into memories worth bragging off. The Best Photo Editing App – Snapseed App is absolutely free. You need not pay a solitary penny to transform your caught photographs into an expert looking pictures. Notwithstanding that this app is light when contrasted with other comparative apps. The whole size of the app is 22MB.

The edits you make while using the SNAPSEED app is absolutely non-damaging

The app is accessible in more than 40+ languages which naturally should make the life of many users simpler while operating the app. The edits you make while using the SNAPSEED app is absolutely non-damaging which gives you a chance to hold a quality picture consistently without much effort.

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The app is available on Google’s Playstore as well as Apple app store, till now more than 50,000,000 app installation happen from google play store itself. We confidently accept that how much of worth it is, the 50,000,000 downloads are recognition for identify the advantage of the app. Extra Key Features and Changes to Previous Versions:

The SNAPSEED app gives you a chance to spare your modifications and transform it into a personal or pre-defined look which you can, later on, apply to new photographs to be edited. The new stack features enable you to revisit and re-edit any image anytime you want and brush tool is used to make changes to only certain desired sections of the image.

2 ) Google Opinion Rewards App:

Google Offering cash rewards to people when they answer to google survey correctly, it is an opinion Rewards app, a mobile survey tool that rewards you with cash in your Google account, whenever you complete a survey successfully.

Google Offering cash rewards to people when they answer to google survey correctly

Google Rewards Opinion app is available for both Android app and iOS apps. Users of Android and Apple would get benefit from the same paid service. Everyone would get the doubt of how Google credit amount for a complete survey correctly.

It is easy to process for Google if you’re on iPhone, your Paypal account is credited, and if a user is an android mobile, amount credited to their google account.

Once installed the app, it will ask you to sign into your usual Google account. Then it will allow you to write a preliminary test survey, the main intention is you to understand your involvement in this mutually beneficial relationship. It won’t take much time, survey will end up in 10 seconds and some amount being added to your account.

Throughout half a month you can wind up with enough credit to spend in the Play Store. Google Opinion Rewards surveys you based on the recent shopping experience. If you did shopping, it will ask questions based on your experience.

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Location Services for Google Opinion Rewards: Including questions based on concerning online purchases, Google also allows you to get rewards for a survey on your recent journeys. You should enable location service in Android, its possible to get rewards.

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Additionally, you will get many surveys that would ask about visit Places and location importance. Google Rewards Opinion app uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks to connect your location, It is one of the great opportunity to get some rewards(cash) with this app.

It is necessary to up-to-date the app, get on to Play Store app on your phone, go to the menu and select Settings. Click on Auto-Update apps and confirm the setting is enabled. It is notified that changes to the survey collection system may not be available with the older version of Google Opinion Rewards, it is working with the most recent version of the app only.

It is easy to process to setup, no money to spend, everyday user will get many surveys it would base on user interest to get more rewards and it is free app everyone can use it.

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3. Waze :

Waze is a GPS navigation software app claimed by Google. It works on smartphones and tablet PCs that have GPS support. It gives turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel times and route details while downloading location-dependent information over a cell phone Network.

It gives turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel

Google Assistant integrated with Wage will provide access to your usual Assistant features like playback of music and podcasts and the app having its own specific abilities, it allows you to ask traffic conditions or it would save you from paying tax while traveling to your destination.

Google has worked superbly of taking off help for Assistant in its own Android Auto in-car software and even expedited it to Google Maps Apple’s contending CarPlay system earlier this year.

The advantages of having Assistant work locally inside Waze are many, yet the main maybe it’s capability to reduce diversions while on the road.

Waze stays a top choice among drivers, and episodically most Uber and Lyft drivers by its amazingness over the challenge, including Google’s other own branded Maps solutions.

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