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Video of Mizoram deputy Speaker clearing road goes viral

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Video of Mizoram deputy Speaker clearing road goes viral,

Public representative showing concern about society.

Video of Mizoram deputy Speaker clearing road goes viral, it has turned into a web sensation web-based indicating Mizoram Deputy speaker and double cross MLA Pu Lalrinawma cutting the log of a fallen tree, with the assistance of a knife, that was blocking traffic on a road.

Who will expect that high profile public representative will take responsibility for clear the traffic? It is an indication of responsibility which will aware of others don’t wait for someone will come and helps out solve the problem.

It might be impossible for higher-ups in the rungs of capacity to get down and get their hands messy, however, Lalrinawma is by all accounts doing precisely this. In an ongoing visit to his electorate of Tuikam, Lalrinawma was seen clearing the road by chopping the tree down a tree that was covered the way.

The video has seen be posted on different Mizoram-based Facebook pages where they have been drawing the recognition of natives and Netizens alike.

Lalrinawma was on chosen as the deputy speaker of Mizoram House unopposed in December 2018. A graduate in mechanical designing, Lalrinawma, who had additionally stowed the seat in 2013 surveys said that he would try all endeavors to satisfy his obligations.

According to the news source, an engineer by qualification, Lalrinawma while moving to his constituency Tuikum when he saw the fallen tree blocking the road. Immediately he got down from the vehicle, without involving any other he got into action himself by cutting the log of a fallen tree to clear the road.

The video has been creating sensation over social media which garnered many views and many people praising for his ground-level work.

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